Tuesday, July 29, 2014

24th Celebration in Cokeville

the 24th celebration weekend is our biggest family gathering during the year. not only do we see my mom's siblings/parents/nieces/nephews, but we see her aunts and uncles, their kids, and their kids. it's quite a gathering. i love it. it starts friday night with dinner at my grandma's and then a family fireside follows at the church. after the fireside everyone ends up at my grandma's or aunt's house to visit and eat long into the night. 

our little family stayed up way too late and didn't wake up until 9:30 the next morning, only giving us a half hour to get ready for the parade. we woke brooklyn up and wished her a happy birthday. THREE YEARS OLD came way too quickly. i really couldn't wrap my brain around it all day. since it was brooklyn's birthday, i decided to spend the time getting her ready (and in her birthday shirt) and out the door with her daddy so she could go get lots of parade candy to start off her birthday in a majorly 'sweet' way. haley, kendall, and i watched the parade from my car. it was the perfect length of time to nurse kendall and then head back to my aunt's.

brooklyn came back with a huge bag of candy, a book of mormon, and several tooth brushes. major parade loot.

^^^brooklyn and addie getting the last of the candy off the road before the parade turned around to come back.^^^

my cute cousins gave us the royal treatment upon our arrival with fresh towels, a name plate, and hi chews to welcome us. i loved it.

and brooklyn loved all the attention she got from my youngest cousins. she also loved playing with addie. 

james and all the guy cousins played croquet and football later that day. while the women multi tasked with two showers. a bridal and a baby. of course, i was too busy chatting (and nursing) to take any pictures of the shower, so here is one of the guys doing their thing.

not only did brooklyn and addie have each other to play with, but kendall has herself a little cousin/friend in baby beckham. they are five days apart. i just know they have some fun adventures ahead of them. 

there's always a lot of porch visiting during this weekend. i've seen it completely full more times than i can remember. it's one of my favorite scenes. 

^^^uncle judd with kendall kate.^^^

brooklyn had an awesome birthday being in cokeville. there were tons of cousins "friends" to play with, grandma and grandpa's slide to go down a million times, uncles and aunts at her beck and call, and even a cupcake with a candle to blow out after dinner.

it was a great way to end another awesome weekend in cokeville for the 24th celebration. already looking forward to next year.

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