Wednesday, May 14, 2014

some thursday ramblings.

ah, this week. we're just enjoying the heck out of it. especially this sunshine. on monday night for family home evening, we discussed and wrote down our summer bucket list and sent it off to kayla to have her make our annual summer bucket list print out. this summer will be a little different with a new baby coming the end of june, so our list is pretty simple. for the most part, a newborn can be a part of all these activities. to say we are excited for this summer is an understatement. 

we also broke brooklyn's new saltwater sandals in on monday. i put them on her in the tub so they could 'mold' to her feet and she thought that was the coolest thing. she wore them all day until her nap. she loves them.

she also got addicted to edamame over the weekend at grandma diane's house, so the first thing out of her mouth monday morning was that she wanted some edamame from the store. i also love the stuff. so we went out and got some and ate almost a whole bag before daddy got home.

tuesday and wednesday we spent a good amount of time outside. brooklyn loves to drag out her stuffed animals, in her princess dress, and pretend they're riding off to neverland. she doesn't like, however, when i step inside for a minute to get a few things done. she likes me to be right there, ready to ask her questions about her adventures. 

the big wind storm sunday evening knocked everything that was dead out of our huge tree in the front yard. we woke up to mounds of 'helicopter leaves' as brooklyn calls them, all over our yard, porch, and driveway. she loves those things. james spent his lunch break with us on tuesday and most of the time he was throwing 'helicopter leaves' to keep brooklyn squealing and entertained.

a few things came in the mail this week that have made me baby girl's arrival all that more suspenseful! we're getting close as it is, but a few packages on my door step have had me absolutely counting down the seconds until she's here!

^^^she's all ready for our trip to hawaii in november. these things make me both anxious for a new baby, and for a trip to hawaii.^^^

^^^ANNNND... her take-home outfit came too! isn't it the most precious? the pink one was because i couldn't help myself. we'll call it the back-up-take-home outfit.^^^

for months now, i've not known how i was going to finish brooklyn's big girl room. i have a few things up on her walls, but the wall above her bed is completely bare. i've tossed a few ideas around, but kept going back to a diy garland i saw a year ago and fell in love with. once i decided on that, i couldn't pick out the colors for it. i currently have one color and i need to decide on at least two more.

because i've been stuck, and i've been wanting to just try making one so badly, i finally bit the bullet and made one. a mini version. a mini one with colors that had no rhyme or reason. just for fun. anything to add a little cheer at cream gables. it was super easy to make, and now i honestly want to make one for every room in my house and for every holiday and season! i'm serious. 

it turned out really cute.

even though it's bright and fun, the crib was just not the right location for it. so i hung it outside, and i love it. i also tried it a few other places in my house that i like, and that has me anxious to make more of them! 

and really, it's a lot cuter in person. seriously. 

(tutorial here)

james and i worked on the yard for about two hours tonight and this very pregnant girl is completely wiped out. i tried to read for a little while and i could barely keep my eyes open, sad. i've read five books in the last three weeks and i just started my sixth. i love having a good book to read, and it really helps motivate me to get things done. as i've said before, i am totally motivated by rewarding myself. books are no exception. in fact, i'd love to reward myself with all the yard work i did, a vacuumed house, and a clean bath tub with some reading, but i just can't. so i guess sleep will be my reward. yay for sleep. and yay for thursday!

i  love  y o u  thursday !

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