Monday, May 5, 2014

bbq weekend.

yep. it was definitely a bbq kinda weekend. james came home from work on friday and we both had the same idea for dinner: burgers on the grill. we quickly ran to the store to grab some yummy burger toppings and then back home to get our grill on. i got the rest of the food ready while james grilled.

the grill master.

brooklyn played.

and then we ate. so good. totally hit the spot and had our backyard smelling like summer.

after dinner we were excited to have a visit from kayla and judd. brooklyn loved having people to jump on the tramp with her. they wore her right out.

there were also darts and a lovely view from my chair on the patio.

saturday brought our big project of organizing the shed and then moving stuff from the garage to the shed. i was mainly in charge of telling james whether we were keeping, storing, or using (baby stuff) things. i also got some week picking in, some more baby laundry done, and brooklyn loved being outside all day.

that night, we bbq'd again. this time, we marinated steaks and jeremy and chelsea joined us. again, so good. there's something so nostalgic about bbq'd food. i love it.

unfortunately, a couple hours later, both brooklyn and chelsea were not feeling well. not a great end to a saturday night. brooklyn had a fever and was up most of the night. we let her watch swan princess in her room so that james and i could get a little sleep. she loves that movie right now. 

sunday, james and i played tag team going back and forth from church and home. brooklyn was content to be at home watching movies and eating granola. she slept forever and i really was hoping that would make her feel better. she was definitely up and down all day. poor thing.

that night, we did one of the things that totally completes the nursery, even if everything else wasn't done: turning the toddler bed back into the crib. oh it made me so happy and excited!

brooklyn loved "helping" and james was so patient to let her. remember when james and i set up the crib before she was born? ahh, good memories (post here). 

^^^you can see the bottom half of the newest print in the nursery, made by, who else, my super talented friend katie. i love it and i would show you the whole thing, but it would give away baby's name. the print has both her first and middle name on it and it makes me love her name even more!^^^

then we went on a walk down the street, and didn't make it much further than this beautiful tree. brooklyn was smitten. pink petals all over the ground and overhead, she was in heaven. she picked up hand fulls and ran down the sidewalk spreading them everywhere. pure joy.

we parked it in the backyard and enjoyed some popsicles. brooklyn calls them icicles. summer. seriously summer. oh gosh, spring has been so good and summer is something we can't wait for, even though we're trying to enjoy every day.

and lastly, i am now 32 weeks. {yay!!!} i haven't been sleeping very well, but besides not being the most comfortable, i blame the heat we've been having. but really, while i'm awake in the middle of the night, i get to feel baby girl move constantly. it's when she's most active, which makes me a little nervous for lots of sleepless nights, but i really love it. it's like she's keeping me company while i can't sleep. what a sweetheart. 

we've got a busy week ahead of us, and we're definitely looking forward to mother's day. celebrating our moms is always something to look forward to. after a crazy productive week of 'project nursery' and lots of other little projects around the house, i am ready to slow it down this week. i have a great book i'm reading and i would really like to dive into it. brooklyn will also need a little more attention this week as she was expected to pretty much just entertain herself during the day. she really was so good. i'm hoping she feels better so we can have a happy monday.

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