Thursday, April 24, 2014

french toast.

when i woke up this morning i wanted breakfast. a good hot sweet breakfast. i immediately decided on french toast. one of my favorites! i realized brooklyn hasn't ever had french toast, felt like the worst mother on the planet, and then got right up to make sure she didn't go another day without french toast. 

we had a delicious loaf of bread from great harvest that i deemed perfect for french toast and i got busy. i even decided to make a little tropical juice to go with it. somehow, juice makes breakfast seem more fancy to me. how? i'm not sure. but it does. 

i cut brooklyn's into 'sticks' so that she could just dip them instead of get syrup all over. well that back fired because we still had a heck of a syrup mess. but she totally loved them. she's my sweet breakfast lovin' twin. sweet breakfast is my favorite way to go.

after her breakfast, she was content to play pretend while i cleaned the kitchen and did my vacuuming. usually, it's tub time right after breakfast. for some reason today she was fine to wait while mommy got some work done. 

then it was off to costco. i caught a glimpse of my reflection while we were in there and my jaw literally dropped. my baby bump looked more like a baby mountain! holy cow. i'm definitely to the point now where i can not imagine getting any bigger than this. how is is possible? baby girl is obviously growing a ton too because i feel every tiny little movement she makes. gosh i love it. it's the first thing i miss about not being pregnant anymore, being able to feel them move and squirm all around in there. i'm already feeling a little bit sad about not feeling movement every day all day. don't get me wrong, i CAN'T WAIT until she's here! two months exactly from today (unless she makes an early arrival).

brooklyn loves her 'motorcycle' she got from the easter bunny and gets really excited to ride it. she pedals it from the top of the driveway to the sidewalk and then gets off and either drags it back or pushes the buttons that play music and has a little impromptu dance party in the driveway. she cracks me up. 

she's growing up way way way too fast.

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