Tuesday, April 29, 2014

day one.

day one of 'project nursery week' went well. it was definitely a roller coaster of emotions. my main task today was to go through all of brooklyn's baby clothes, blankets, shoes, and everything else baby and decide what to keep, give away, and what needed a good washing. 

there were memories all over that stuff. it broke my heart and then made me happier than anything to think that i get to put all those cute tiny things on another baby. {sigh}

the nursery was a disaster for a couple hours as i waded through it and made final decisions. once everything was in its' place in a drawer or on a shelf, i called it a day. i took the batch of tiny clothes that needed washed downstairs and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing baby laundry. 

today made it all feel so real. i remember feeling this way with brooklyn. i'm so giddy i can hardly stand being in my own skin!

when james got home, i took a break to eat dinner (sunday leftovers), and then we put on our work clothes and headed out to do a little yard work. james mowed the lawn, i pulled weeds, and brooklyn played contently all over the yard. she was in heaven. but then she got too cold, wanted a granola bar, and snuggled up inside to watch a movie. 

after all the hard work, james treated us to a nice big shake to share. i could hardly keep my eyes open for the rest of the evening and my bed never looked so good. i'm hoping that day #2 of 'project nursery week' will be as productive as day #1 (as long as i can get out of bed).

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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