Monday, November 18, 2013

the weekend.end.end.

friday morning, i worked while brooklyn ate her breakfast, and then we both got bathed/showered and ready for the day (minus brooklyn's hair being done. she wasn't having it). i organized a couple of drawers and then we hung out in her room.

she played while i worked on christmas cards and then we had lunch together. james got off work early so we were stoked to have him home and ready to start the weekend. however, we were all feeling a little sluggish. lazy, if you will. we laid around and watched movies until jeremy, chels, and the babe came over to perk us up a little bit. brooklyn LOVES ellie. loves her. she wants to be right up in her space, but she's really sweet with her. i love it.

friday night ended with some chit chat and jambas. and saturday morning started with tithing settlement at the church and then a quick run to wal-mart. we ordered pizza to eat during the byu game, and the boys were nice enough to watch it in the man cave so chels and i could watch christmas movies out our ears. not really, we kind of watched. chels worked, and i worked on my talk for sacrament meeting the next day. it really is the greatest. we can hang out and not expect the other to entertain. we are good to just be in the same room, chatting occasionally, eating kettle popped salt & vinegar chips, and really, it's the life. 

sunday morning had me in a fit. if you recall, james and i just spoke in sacrament meeting in june. i get so darn nervous. also, i'm way too emotional to speak in front of people on matters of the heart. i blubbered through my whole talk and i hope people got the message i was trying to send out there. here's a shot of B and i on our way out the door. 

saturday morning she woke up with a runny nose and a little bit of a cough. it was still there sunday morning so i knew she wouldn't be going to nursery and that james and i would be tag teaming during the church block. they were both there to cheer me on while i spoke, and then i took the first round of sick watch. she was devastated to be leaving the church without having gone to nursery. she cried the whole way home. she was heart broken. this made me happy and sad. happy that she loves nursery and sad that she was sad. 

nothing a nice big water bottle and a movie can't fix.

james and i switched during the last hour so that i could be in young women's. when i got home, brooklyn was tired/sick/sick/tired. she wanted to play outside, so james bundled her up, we got out there, and she just wanted to sit on my lap. then she declared she needed a nap. she slept for 15 minutes and then woke up in a crying fit. she did this for an hour and a half while james and i did everything we could think of to make her happy. she's never done this before. we were both at our wits end. enter, hot chocolate and white fudge oreos. she settled down, sipped some hot chocolate, and dunked those oreos until her heart was content. 

phew. then we snuggled and watched a movie until she fell asleep. poor thing. worst thing ever when your child is sick and there's nothing you can do to help them. so helpless!

through all of the craziness of our sunday, i got our upstairs tree (that was an early birthday gift from my MIL!) decorated. for the most part. it's definitely still a little bare. but oh my goodness i love her. i've always wanted a white tree (as long as i have a green one as well). it makes my little christmas heart sing!

upcoming week: be good to us. please. please. please. we're counting down the days until thanksgiving! help us make it to that day without too much more sickness and sad toddlers.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

from a cheeseball and her mama

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