Friday, November 15, 2013


because this is the month of gratitude, i have to publicly (as public as this is) say how grateful i really am. my life is good and i don't have a lot to complain about. my little family is healthy, our home is warm, and we have food to eat. that's more than a lot can say. 

i really feel lucky. when i sit down and really think about all the good in my life, it's overwhelming. it definitely out weighs the bad. i'm grateful for trials and heartache and for the stronger person it makes me. i'm also so grateful for those things that make my heart just burst. i get to stay home and be with brooklyn all day while my husband provides for us. and yes, i have a little job on the side, but it's for fun and it's fun to be helping out a little again. 

i'm grateful for a husband who thinks to take pictures when i don't. these are all (except for the last one) taken at joann's a couple nights ago. while i was busy, james dressed brooklyn up in all these different hats and props and it was so fun to look at these the next day. definitely made my heart burst.

i need to be better at remembering the good and being grateful for it. there is no reason i shouldn't feel happy/lucky/grateful every day of my life. i'm so glad november is here so that i get a little extra reflection on the topic of gratitude. i. am. so. grateful. 

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