Monday, November 4, 2013

All Hallows' Eve 2013

halloween this year started out bright and early. brooklyn was up and at 'em a half hour earlier than usual and she remembered exactly what day it was. halloween! she couldn't contain her excitement and wanted to put on her kitty costume pronto. i had to break her heart and tell she had to eat breakfast and then get in the tub first. she was not ok with that.

but we survived.

by 9:30 we were out the door and on our way to our first trick-or-treating venture for the day, mckay dee hospital (daddy's work). 

//my cute little kitty cat// 

bucket loads of people show up for this and it's a little crazy. but it's seriously a great way to get a ton of candy quick! brookyn didn't mind walking slowly down the hall (in line) and stopping to say trick-or-treat to get some candy in her bucket. she loved every second. i also learned that i haven't taught her how to choose the 'good candy' yet. every time she got to pick her own candy, she chose things like smarties, whoppers, and three musketeers. we'll work on that for next year. we need more kit kats!

the weather was perfect for halloween. it was foggy, a little spooky, and nice and chilly. i thought it was great. 

after we kissed james goodbye, we headed to sacco's (a produce/bread/goodies stand) to pick out some good apples for caramel dipping. brooklyn scored a deliciously big bag of gummy bears for looking cute in her orange and black. we're talking there are blue gummy bears in there. the good ones.

we got to have chelsea and baby e spend the rest of the day with us and then for dinner (jeremy joined us a little later). we had meat, cheese, and crackers & caramel and apples to appetize our stomachs. for dinner it was chili and cornbread, with peach apple sparkling cider to top it off. we were nice and full to head out for a night of trick-or-treating.

baby e went as a french man. hilarious and cute as heck. she's such a little dolly.

brooklyn wasn't as hip on the idea of face painting as ellie was, so we got her nose and called it good. there were a lot of tears.

trick-or-treating was definitely a success (minus a set back of mean scary guys that made brooklyn terrified to go to a few doors). i learned quickly that she did way better in a posse of kids. she was brave and confident when other kids were with her.

so thank goodness we met up with this cute kid/gangster and his family later in the evening to finish off halloween with a bang. 

we all went back to the house to warm back up (and eat more food, who are we kidding) and were joined by dev and kenz. it was fun to have a house full to finish off our fun day. brooklyn especially loved it. dev gave her all the attention she wanted, and even though kenz was studying (she's so dedicated) she got a lot of attention from her as well. 

it made brooklyn's halloween. she woke up the next day ready to do it all over again, and i wanted to stay in bed all day. i was exhausted to say the least. so we spent the day snuggled up watching brooklyn's choice of cartoons, until it was time to get ready to head to the SLC for family pictures. 

hopefully you won't see huge bags under my eyes in those pictures, because seriously, i was tired folks. but i really am already excited for next year. brooklyn makes these holidays so fun and magical (cheesy but SO true). and i think she's going to go as a witch next year... we'll see.

(post family pictures)

h a p p y  m o n d a y

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