Friday, November 2, 2012

the night i became an auntie.

after james got off work, we headed to utah county. i couldn't have gotten there faster. i was so anxious to see my sister and know how she was doing. and obviously, i wanted to be there the second my niece was born. i couldn't wait!

we got there before anyone else and got to spend time with just whit and chandler. the epidural had been administered so whit was feeling good, and tired. she had been in labor since 3 that morning. brooklyn really wanted her auntie ween to hold her darn it, but whit was hooked up to too many things for that to be safe. 

so she let uncle chandler read to her.

the rest of the family got there, checked on whit, and then we went to the cafeteria for dinner. pastrami burgers and tuna melts all around. we ate quickly, checked on whit again, and then waited some more. 

the waiting room nearest whit's room had a tv and seriously, a halloween miracle, we found hocus pocus playing right when we turned it on. seriously, i was sad i hadn't seen it this year. i'm kind of a sucker for movies that go with their holidays. this one being one of my all time favorites! and being able to watch it with my siblings who love it just as much as I do, made it all the more fun!

whit progressed pretty quickly and olivia was born a little after 9 PM. i got the call from my mom who was in the delivery room and i heard that sweet baby cry. ahh. tugged at my heart strings. oh that baby. what a sweet little thing. so precious.

oh my gosh. i love her so much. my heart could just burst. 

her daddy thinks she's pretty special too.

she didn't let go of her daddy's finger the whole time she was getting cleaned up, poked, and everything else the nurses do in the first hour of a baby's life. she looked right at her daddy and held on tight just to make sure everything was going to be alright in this big cold scary bright world.

whit was a birthing champ. we also know now that she is a super duper cute baby making machine (chandler too of course). 

we left the hospital that night around near midnight with tired eyes and bursting hearts. provo was as far  as we made it before we crashed at a hotel for the night. only my little family of three was ready with over night we improvised. kayla and haley took advantage of the fact that james packed for a week and used his basketball shorts and t shirts for bed. and all the ladies used my make up and hair stuff in the morning to get ready.

we anxiously headed back to the hospital as soon as we were all ready. i couldn't wait to hold that baby. my first niece. i could. not. wait. 

there's something about holding a newborn that is utterly and completely on a cloud 9 of its' own. it's indescribable. oh that sweet tiny baby. she just nestled into her blanket and slept peacefully. i wanted to just kiss her to pieces. i'm sure whit and chandler have done plenty of that today and yesterday to make up for all my un-given kisses. 

oh baby olivia, auntie nin loves you. just loves you.

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