Friday, October 25, 2013

to the brim.

this week... oh this week. a lot has been going on and life is finally starting to settle and move back into our normal routine. starting to, being the key words there. it's amazing how months can go by with nothing out of the ordinary going on, and then out of nowhere, BOOM! anything and everything happens all at once. so much that it takes your breath away. but thankfully, we've survived, and we're moving on.

our morning jogs are full of fall colors and i just want to drink it all in and never let it go. i. love. october.

the weather has been so nice and definitely tempts us to spend a lot of our days outdoors. i keep taking notes of all the things brooklyn likes to do indoors because snow filled days will not be far away. 

^we got to see my mom for a little bit this week. brooklyn ran to her with her head cocked back like that for a good thirty yards. she is so goofy sometimes.^

we're getting super excited for halloween over here. brooklyn talks about trick-or-treating and dressing up as a kitty cat all day long. we've been watching ichabod crane and hocus pocus on repeat. she loves them! and i can't forget to add that we only listen to her halloween cd in the car. my jt cd is gathering dust right now. but it's ok, her cd is honestly the best. it comes highly recommended from me.

this week also brought some crazy full evenings. like chicken nuggets two days in a row, and pizza for dinner as well crazy full. brooklyn thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, but my mama guilt has been seeping out all over the floor over it. breathe. but it's ok, we'll do better next week. or maybe once halloween is over??? i guess we'll see. one day at a time right?


h a p p y  w e e k e n d  before  h a l l o w e e n 

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