Monday, October 14, 2013

the weekend + for her

first of all, thank you so much to so many of you for your sweet texts, messages, facebook comments, and phone calls on behalf of my grandma. they meant and mean so much. hard times like these are made a little easier knowing that people care about you. my grandma is now staying at my parents' home receiving hospice care. it's comforting to think of her there and not at the hospital. 

our weekend was a beautiful one. the weather was nice. and we spent a lot of time just enjoying being together.

friday was full of yard work. bless my MIL's heart, i have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to gardening and the winter prep that comes with it. we worked on the yard for a huge chunk of the day. thank goodness she's here to make things look nice. i'm so clueless. brooklyn loved that we were all outside. she stayed busy playing with blocks, driving her car, sweeping, and "helping" so much with the weeds.

that evening, it was just our little family of three, and we basically relaxed around the house. james did study for a couple hours for a big test he's taking on saturday (more on that later). brooklyn and i were content to catch up on 'our shows' and eat cereal.

the next morning, bright and early, james accompanied me on my morning jog. i loved having him there. we don't get to have him around saturday mornings very often so i definitely try and enjoy every second. it was freezing. but so fun. 

i whipped up some pumpkin waffles from trader joe's for breakfast that i'd been dying to try and they did no disappoint. i highly recommend them. i'm definitely going to need to stock up next time i'm in the slc. 

we all showered and got ready for the day, all of us, but james that is. instead, he climbed on the roof to put our swamp cooler into hibernation until next spring. after he was finished with that, i kept him busy with moving the furniture in our room around. it's so fun and i look forward to the change. plus, it makes me feel better that under our bed gets swept, vacuumed, and mopped twice a year. even though, i should do it more often.

that night, we all hunkered down for the byu game. baby ellie joined us. i got to hold her, love on her, and even bathe her. one of my favorite things in the entire world is a freshly bathed baby, lotion on, and then snuggled up in warm cozy jammies. is there anything much better than that? oh that sweet baby. i just can't get enough.

sunday was gray and beautiful. it drizzled during church and then again after dinner. we cozied up and watched a show together and then headed over to j & c's to see that baby again. but not before i made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. and that's how we ended our night: pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, hot chocolate, and a quick little walk.

and now, some pictures we took just for grandma jackie in our sunday best yesterday. obviously, pictures of brooklyn were her favorite on the blog. she said it made her feel like she knew her. like she saw her and interacted with her every day. she'd also text me and tell me she loved the picture of me on the blog that day. i love that she loved this blog so much. it's been really hard to even have the motivation to do it this past week. but we'll continue. 

ok, really, here are the pictures.

^brooklyn in her favorite dress. her pote-a-dot dress. 

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