Wednesday, September 25, 2013

funeral + family+ fall

on our way to the funeral down in the slc, we made a quick stop at trader joes because we were out of cookie butter. heaven forbid we be out of cookie butter. brooklyn welcomed the break from her car seat and decided she'd do the shopping. the little carts are her favorite. 

besides the cookie butter, we picked up a few other yummy things. they had a whole section dedicated to everything pumpkin. i almost died and went to heaven. but my husband didn't share the same enthusiasm over it. i'll be going back.

the funeral was beautiful, sweet, and short. brooklyn slept for most of it. it was nice to really be able to listen to the speakers. i enjoyed it thoroughly. it was a great tribute to dick and the wonderful man that he was.

he was buried in the same cemetery as a lot of our past prophets. including president hinckley. that cemetery is so cool. it really is. 

the day was sunny, bright, and windy. it felt so good. besides messing up my hair, it's totally the kind of temperature and weather i could have all the time. i just love ya fall!

after the dinner (of fried chicken and mashed potatoes!), brooklyn did a little twirling for everyone in her very favorite polka dot dress. she pronounces it pote-a-dot. she also ran about fifty laps in the gym with her nana close behind. wore me out just watching. she loved having the wide open space to wiggle and run and everything else her little body desired.

it was good to see my FIL's parents. they live in southern utah and we don't make it down there nearly enough. they are the sweetest most hard working people. james's grandpa throws compliments at me every time i see him so it's nice to hang around him a little bit. i'll take free compliments any time! james is also named after this grandpa. middle name anyway. 

after everything was done and goodbyes were said, we headed home, jeremy in tow. we changed into our sweats and hit the hammock/couch. it was nice to unwind and relax for a little bit. it was a cloudy fall evening that was just what the doctor ordered. nice and cozy inside. 

and one more because look at her cute little thigh pokin out down there. that cute little toddler thigh. mmm!


today, we send my FIL back over to hawaii


tomorrow, we'll be celebrating that husband/daddy of ours. the big 2-7. big birthday weekend coming up! 

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