Friday, September 27, 2013


james and i will be the same age until i one up him in december. so for now, we're both 27. goodie goodie. anyway, we had a great time celebrating him (and jeremy). red robin for dinner and sweet tooth fairy cupcakes for dessert. brooklyn downed her mac and cheese like it was going out of style. she's such a good little eater when she wants to be. celebrating birthdays is the best. i started the celebration early. by myself. my jog yesterday morning was free-zing! so, i thought i deserved a caramel apple spice for breakfast to kick off the celebrating. i continued the celebration with watching the downton while brooklyn napped. i. love. that. show. 

we're looking forward to celebrating the boys into the weekend with some other fun plans up our sleeves. pictures and updates on monday. 

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