Monday, August 26, 2013

weekend recap + vma's

*forewarning* i'm putting this post together while i wait for justin timberlake/nsync's performance on the vma's. it's 11:00 in the PM. oh ya, i had to wait to watch the rebroadcast. i'm dying.

so this weekend was nice. we stayed home. got some things done we've been putting off, and just hung out. really nice. we kicked it off with getting the AC in my car fixed. booyah! seriously. why did i wait until the end of the summer? why? the fact that brooklyn loved the huge blow up fox in front of the dealership made up for it. she was obsessed. she thought it was alive. she talked to it. she waved to it. she hugged it. oh that girl.

that evening we watched some high school football with our neighbors. yay for football season! and then the next morning, you bet i went and got that cinnamon roll. it lived up to the hype plus more. oh my goodness. that thing was huge. and fyi, i only at a fourth + a tiny bit. brooklyn pretty much took care of the rest.

she and i went on a nice long jog afterwards. then james and i got to it. he cleaned the upholstery in our cars, and i painted the last wall in my living room sky blue to match the rest. so good to have that done. no more painting for this girl. not until i get the itch again i guess.

that evening, chels and i went out for a nice little shopping/browsing trip that was much needed. we didn't stay out too long though, brooklyn jayde was needing her mama's attention. she got it, and then snuck away to her little reading corner to read all by her little self. melt my heart.

we ended the night early because of early church the next day. which, i am happy to report, brooklyn was awesome for. we had a special conference that was two hours. that little thing was pretty darn well behaved. minus ten minutes where she was ready to melt down. i think it had something to do with her white sunday shoes being too tight. thank goodness those are about done for the year. time for new ones!

we came home, cooked up some peppers/garlic/black beans & brown rice & some grilled chicken by james and had a nice little family dinner. it totally hit the spot and mostly healthy right?!

then i got to baking/concocting. i did some more of those zucchini/bran muffins (that i left the bananas out of - hence, why they're on top) and some no bake cookies. with cookie butter. YUM. so good.

jeremy and chelsea came over to help me in my long wait for the vma's. ya know, keep my mind off it. not really, they just came to hang one more time before another crazy week started. after they left, our little family went on a walk to pass some more time. you guys, i was dying! in case you're new, i LOVE justin timberlake and 'nsync. soooo... ya. you're all caught up. and for the record, i love my hubby way more than i love all those guys. really i do.

james and brooklyn went to bed and i stayed up anxiously waiting for THE performance. i felt like i was 13 again. it was the best.

and that's basically it. our weekend was nice. didn't it sound nice? so nice. 


and a little sunday photo shoot. cause why not?

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

p.s. best performance at the vma's?! without a doubt, hands down, and five stars: justin/'nsync. holy cow. above and beyond what i could have imagined. is justin not the best performer in the world?! YES he is. i may or may not have cried. but seriously. here's a link to it just in case you missed it. not even gonna tell you how many times i've re watched it. 

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