Tuesday, August 27, 2013

an evening with the newlyweds.

last night for family night, we went to visit and see kayla and judd's new little home. it's cute and cozy. can't wait to see what kayla does to it! we were lucky enough to see my mom and haley for a little bit as well. it was a family party. 

when judd got home from work, he gave brooklyn the sucker of her dreams. he bought it for her on their honeymoon in disneyland. she loved it. we haven't opened it yet. saving it for a good time.

as if the sucker wasn't good enough, judd made us dinner. fajitas. they were darn. good. seriously. boy can cook. it was fun to eat dinner with the newlyweds.

we decided the night couldn't end there and we headed to boondocks. brooklyn was in heaven and squealed the second we drove into the parking lot. 

and like i've said before, she thinks she runs the joint. she loves it.

it was a fun family night to say the least. brooklyn loves hanging out with more than just her parents. kayla and judd give her all the attention she wants. spoiled girl. for her prizes this time, she got a princess wand, some peanut m&m's, a small monkey figurine, and one of those things that pop after you turn it inside out. she loved that. the wand made it five minutes at home and then broke. i ate the m&m's. i call that a success.


after doing laundry, folding laundry, running errands, and a night like that... i think i'll sleep well tonight.

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