Friday, August 2, 2013

some wedding stuff.

last night i went with my sister (who gets married in two weeks) to her final wedding dress fitting. i'm dying to show you pictures, but obviously i can't. i'll post pictures of her in her dress as soon as i possibly can. for now, you're just gonna have to see some of her in her regular clothes at her bridal shower this past wednesday night.

it was given by judd's mom and aunts at his aunt and uncle's home in oakley. beautiful. even though the evening was a tad warm, it was so fun to celebrate kayla (and judd). his mom/aunts/cousins did a bang up job on the fun decor at the shower. they were so sweet and totally tried to have it match her reception colors and theme. kayla loved it!

whitney, baby liv, and i were there to represent the holmes clan. my mom (and dad) was in lake powell having a blast with her siblings and their spouses, haley was walking her fair pig and doing other high school stuff, and kenz was being a responsible adult and taking care of some business for work. so whit and i took it upon ourselves to eat as much dessert as if the others were there eating it with us. the spread was amazing. i'm really wanting to hunt down a few of those recipes. yummy and cute.

the new couple got spoiled with gifts. there were definitely a few things i wanted to hide and keep for myself. not even kidding. the shower was an open house, so there were no structured games,  but kayla got to play that bubble gum game where you try and guess what your fiance said and if it's wrong you put a big ol piece of gum in your mouth. she got about half of the questions right and ended up with a huge honking piece. it was a good laugh for everyone. kayla just tried not to throw up. great entertainment. 

kayla is marrying into a great family. it's obvious that they love her (almost) as much as we do. the same goes for judd. we just love the heck out of him. the three of us here at cream gables can't wait until they're living just a few exits away from us. we'll be spoiled this fall to live right between those two and dev & kenz. party at our house. right guys?

h a p p y  f r i d a y


and don't forget to enter the tiny little giveaway in this post... thanks to those of you who commented or emailed. i appreciate it more than you know!

/also, can i just say how glad i am that brooklyn's well check ups are a year apart now and not every couple of months. i think i've earned a few years back to my life not worrying about them so often. she goes in for her check-up today and she was to get 1 shot. i'm feeling like i did a year and six months ago. worried/stressed/sad/grateful/... ya know. all that./

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