Monday, August 5, 2013

last bits of summer...

you guys know i'm anxious for fall. but seriously, i'm enjoying every last little bit of summer. i tried extra hard to make this weekend full of summer to-do's. i'd call it successful, especially because i'm exhausted! (and heading to a family reunion this morning)

we started it off right with some water play time.

then, we had to pause our summer fun for a little doctor's visit. brooklyn's two year check-up. she took the finger prick like a champ, but the shot broke her heart right to pieces. darn it.

that night brooklyn, james, and i experienced the original farr's ice cream. jeremy and chelsea in tow of course. it did not disappoint. maple pecan in a waffle cone for me, and tin roof/bear claw for james. brooklyn had tastes of everyone's.

saturday morning started with brooklyn's two year old pictures in west jordan. james' cousin danielle does such an awesome job. we just love her. chelsea came for that too, bless her heart. that was an hour of wrangling, sweating, and fighting brooklyn for a smile. 

we hit up in-n-out for lunch and then met the daddies at seven peaks for a swim. i guess we had too much fun because i have no pictures of that event. the sun was hot and the water was cool. definitely a good summer day for a swim.

my biggest accomplishment for the weekend (and summer), was finishing the book of mormon. just had to throw that in there. james said i deserve a cookie. i'll take it.

we headed home to shower up, and then chelsea and i got out carl (her silhouette machine) to get crafty. chels made some cute signs for baby ellie's room and i made a sign for my backyard that i've wanted to make since march. we'll enjoy it for a month i guess. 

after crafts and two large pizzas, we jumped in the car and headed for farmington. station park to be exact. they have outdoor concerts (fo free!) every saturday. saturday night was a beatles tribute group. we didn't stay long because there were NO places to sit. as first timers, we learned you have to go early to get a spot. next time. next time. 

check out this crowd. 

brooklyn loved the playground right there, but wasn't quite sure about the slides. here she is getting a lecture about blocking the slide so other kids couldn't go down. she wasn't too happy.

our weekend partners in crime.

leaving the concert and onto h&m for a little browsing...

but not before we discovered it'sugar. such a fun candy store. pricey. but fun. i think it'll definitely work to my advantage when bribing my children in the near future.

we browsed the shops and soon-to-be shops and then called it a night. 

it was a fun filled weekend that wore me right out. if you can't tell by this post, i'm just flat out exhausted. typing these words is about killing me. my brain can't think any more. they really aren't doing this weekend justice. so just know this: we had fun, we did a lot, and we are tired from it all. now, we're on our way to our holmes family reunion in bear lake. this is the first time we've all been together since 2000. so it's about time. i'm hoping to mostly just lie by the lake and visit with my long lost relatives. we'll miss you colb and nat (and little link!). 

more summer fun. here. we. come.


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