Thursday, August 22, 2013

little inspirations.

don't you love little simple things that inspire you...

(this one's going on my wall)

this is definitely one of those things for me. little inspirations like this are things i want to put in my happy pocket and remember forever. and ever.

i really need to live by this. i'd be so much happier. way less stressed out. and a much better wife and mommy to the two i love most. 

annnnnd, how 'bout a bathtub shot to end this teeny little post? 

p.s. a simple joy that i'm for sure going to delight in... the reunion of 'nsync! on stage! this sunday! oh i'm going to delight.  A LOT.  :)

p.s.s. also, i've been doing a detox all week, so another simply joy to delight in will be the cinnamon roll i devour saturday morning when my detox is OVER.


and lastly, i swear i'm almost done, a HUGE thank you to those that left sweet comments yesterday. i appreciate them so much. i love knowing that sharing my 'true' feelings is ok and that people out there can relate to them. so thank you thank you.
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