Monday, July 15, 2013


weekend rundown...

tasty's doughnuts for breakfast (at noon)

chinese for lunch at a random spot. good food. lots of it.

home for dinner prep and naps.

dinner party with some summer ratatouille (those our best bites gals have it figured out) and our weekend regulars.

a quick trip to the fair grounds for a funnel cake...

that turned into brooklyn becoming obsessed with riding the carousel. she called it, "the horsies". 

super excited to be tall enough to drive the cool classic/vintage looking cars. 

girl can drive.

a new inside joke was born. aren't inside jokes the best? the daddies didn't get it.

mission accomplished. although they were a bit crunchy. drats.

not pictured: a trip to IKEA (chels and brooklyn in tow), a quick swim at seven peaks (kayla and judd were there), blueberry waffles for dinner, and then an evening at the park waiting for the fireworks.

my family was impressed. the finale was quite good.

with it being brooklyn's third firework show this summer, she didn't feel the need to stay awake during all of it. auntie hay took her to ride "the horsies" and that's all she needed to make her weekend complete. 

h a p p y  m o n d a y


p.s. 6 days until the big 24th celebration in cokeville (wyoming that is) and 11 days until i become the mama of a two year old. i'm not too thrilled about the latter. 
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