Wednesday, July 24, 2013

b's birthday week update.

i'd say brooklyn's birthday week has been a pretty good one so far. if you ask her, i think she'd tell you the same. it's been a really good couple of days to reflect on the last two years that she's been in our lives and really try to make this week special for her (even if she has no clue). we're so excited to celebrate with family on friday and really let her have a fun day. 

here are a few of the highlights of her birthday week so far:

she finally got to see despicable me 2, and she loved it! she was dancing hard core at the end and talked about it the rest of the night. 

shopping at city creek with her aunts and cousin. ok ok, maybe this wasn't TOTALLY for brooklyn, but hey, she loves people watching just like her mama and she also got chik-fil-a out of it. score right?

playing with playdough WHILE watching her favorite movies. she's done this both days this week and totally gets a kick out of it. my proud mama moment was when she figured out how to roll little pieces of the play dough into 'snakes'. that's some awesome fine motor skills right there. i may have squealed, kissed her, and spun her around right after that. ok not really. ok, all of it but the spin is true. i couldn't help myself.

for all of you peeps in utah, have a great 24th of july. i hope you picnic and do fireworks like there's no tomorrow! what a great heritage to celebrate.

and for the rest of you...

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y 

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