Wednesday, May 29, 2013

day 6

this morning we went on a much easier, although hotter, hike. the makapu'u hike up to the lighthouse. once again, a beautiful view was delivered and did not disappoint. we did this hike with my MIL and brooklyn. we pushed brooklyn in her stroller to the top and then the stroller was carried (along with the toddler over halfway) down. this was a hike i could definitely get used to. gosh it's gorgeous at the top!

my MIL gladly took brooklyn for the afternoon so that james and i could go to the laie temple. we had fun navigating our way there, trying to say all the hawaiian street names, and then totally and completely fell in the love with this temple. the grounds are pristine. just perfect. the feeling of peace and beauty there is overwhelming. can't wait to go back.

on our way to the temple, we passed a lot of little food places, but this one caught my eye and i told james we HAD to stop on our way back home to get shrimp. it was calling my name!

(musubi//basically: rice, egg, fried spam, and wrapped with nori sheets) 

it did not disappoint. 

it rained our whole drive back to my in-laws'. we even received flash flood warnings on our phones while were driving...right in the area where the warnings were for, right at that exact time. we were a tad nervous. but we didn't see anything and came out unscathed. 

we spent the evening relaxing and waiting for my FIL to get home so we could all go back down to get more fish tacos (from day 3) and i really wanted some more shrimp. hot dang it was good. i kind of feel like a human shrimp at this point. i'm not complaning. oh no. i enjoyed every bite. 

this trip is winding down and we're trying to cram in lots of quality time together. hawaii's a long way from utah and we won't see each other again for awhile so we're making these last moments count. we've loved our stay here in kailua. it's beautiful and tropical and we're sad to have only been here a short week. we're already making plans for our next visit. big plans. time to save the pennies!


and i think it's safe to say brooklyn has definitely embraced the humid/hot climate and the hawaiian laid back attitude.

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