Tuesday, May 28, 2013

day 5

earlier today, i did the hardest hike of my life. koko head. like, i almost threw up hard. i'm not in shape so that's definitely part of it, but man. this hike takes you up 1200 steps in a mile and a half. it's cray. i really didn't think i'd ever make it to the top. especially when we got to this bridge part. my legs were shaking (remember, out of shape) and my balance was all outta whack. 

and gosh was it all worth it. i was a total hot mess by the time i got up there. i really wanted to just roll back down. the views were incredible. i really do highly recommend this hike. just take it nice and slow if you have to. i seriously took breaks almost every 40 steps. my quads were on fi-yah!

starting the journey down. it was way faster going down the steps. except on that bridge part. down hill on a railroad type track with nothing underneath it? ya, that took a little time.

(didn't write this, just came upon it) 

we spent the rest of the day at my all time favorite beach in the world. lanikai. oh it's beautiful. it was busy, but we found an awesome spot near the water and had plenty of sand all to ourselves. my MIL bought brooklyn this floating toy and she was in heaven. it even rocked her to sleep. when she wasn't doing that, she was playing with sand toys and wrecking her daddy's sand creations. 

oh and james and i got fried. with sunscreen. this hawaiian sun is something else.

(in front of my in-laws house)

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Chelsea Ruesch said...

Looks so fun! After hearing more about that hike, I'm sure I would die. I think I'll need to stick to easier hikes :) Way to go though!