Thursday, March 28, 2013


park day. that's what we deemed our day yesterday. it was full of sunshine, parks, sand in our shoes, a long nap for brooklyn, and a nice day of relaxation for me. it was a perfect spring day. even though the parks were crowded, due to spring break, brooklyn had a blast and i thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and watching brooklyn explore and look like such a big kid.

we hit two parks before her nap. we even got some cookies at cutler's and then called it a good first half of the day. brooklyn kindly allowed me to put her to sleep while we watched les mis and then once her eyes were shut, i headed outside to my "brooklyn's taking a nap so i'll take my books/phone calls/to do's/sun bathing office". yep. my office in the sunshine. gosh it was nice. as much as i enjoyed the alone time, i couldn't wait for brooklyn to wake up and come outside with me to enjoy the sunshine. 

she did.

two hours later.

girl was tired.

so she ate some of her lunch out on the tramp with me (it's not my office anymore once she's awake. it becomes the tramp again. got it?. k good.). in just her diaper and a onesie, this girl was happy happy.

she rolled around that tramp and cuddled on my lap for a good half hour while she ate that tiny little granola bar... and i may have had a few bites too, nonetheless, she takes forever to eat. but who could blame her. she probably thought that when she was finished, her mean mom would make her go inside. not the case my darling daughter. we stayed outside for most of the day.

and when james got home, we quickly had our dinner of turkey burgers and baked beans, and raced out the door to enjoy the last few hours of light.

brooklyn insisted on getting in her 'ween', so james hooked it up and let her relax in there before we hit up the last park of the day.

she loves her 'ween'.

the air turned very chilly while we were exploring the last park. we hurried to do and see what we wanted so that we could jump in the warm car and head home. brooklyn really could've stayed there all night. she loves to be outside. what kid doesn't? won't she be sad when she finds out she has to go to the dentist today before she gets to step foot on a playground. but maybe, just maybe, that visit to the dentist will earn her a popsicle... a sugar free one. eh, who are we kiddin'... a good ol fashioned popsicle! if... she's good at the dentist.

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