Friday, March 29, 2013


yesterday, i let my house get messy. just messy. 

we didn't spend a ton of time at home, and it amazes me how fast it looks like a tornado went through it. we left for brooklyn's dentist appointment in the late morning, had lunch with james, stopped at a park on the way home, and then as soon as we got home, brooklyn went down for her nap.

i did a little straightening up while she slept, but spent most of the time on the phone coordinating shopping plans with my mom and sisters. 

(after dinner mess.) 

once brooklyn woke up from her nap, we were out the door and on the road again. we met up with my mom  and sisters and spent most of the afternoon at target. love that place. hate that place. you know how it goes. i can proudly announce that i didn't buy one single thing in that glorious store. not a thing. whit and my mom were stalking up their peter cottontail goodies, so i basically followed them around, held and kissed baby olivia to pieces, and then we were done. i was worn out.

james agreed that he too was worn out when he got home from work. i had made homemade pizza for dinner, and we both decided to make it a loungy-lazy dinner and to eat it on the couch while brooklyn watched a show. it was nice. 

after dinner we spent more time outside and brooklyn loved swinging in her swing in the garage. we talked with her about peter cottontail coming friday night to bring her some goodies. she's so excited. she doesn't get it, but she's excited. if she really thought a big bunny was coming to our house, she'd be scared to death. but she's excited and we love that she's excited.

we're excited for our weekend, to see lots of family, to eat reeses eggs, and to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. i love easter weekend. and i definitely love it even more as a mom.


oh and have i mentioned how much i love having our bed against the window? well i do. a lot.

p.s. a little extra tid bit of information (especially for you grandma jackie)... the dentist brooklyn went to today, played football for my dad at ben lomond high school. we just love him.
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