Wednesday, February 20, 2013


yesterday was slow and soft. i only got two loads of laundry done because my little decided to take a three hour nap (never happens!) and the rest of the laundry was feet away from her and i was not about to disturb her peaceful slumber. so... i steamed my kitchen floor and upstairs hallway, did the dishes from lunch, and then i just sat and enjoyed the peace and quiet. 

before she slept the day away, brooklyn helped me make some oatmeal banana muffins. she was so excited to watch me crack the eggs, blend up all the ingredients, and then put them in the oven. she's like me in that she kept looking through the oven door window just anxious as heck for them to be done. while they were still hot, we shared one, and then she took a nap.

after her nap, she woke up super hungry, and downed 3 of those muffins. she kept asking for more and then for more milk to wash them down. funny girl. she is such a picky eater (swore i'd never have one) but when she finds something she likes, she eats a lot of it. oh that girl.

i really do appreciate these kind of days. the days where i don't feel pressure to get things done. the days where my house is mostly clean. the days when brooklyn takes long naps and then wakes up super happy and eats a ton. happy and full. just the way i like 'em.

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