Friday, January 25, 2013

some dinner.

first item of business...

remember that oh so cute picture i posted of brooklyn the other day? ya know, the one where she was holding the can of cashews? ya well this happened two seconds later.

i snapped a picture.

then got mad.

(those cashews are salted by the way.)

anyway, the purpose of this post is to tell you that i not only cooked dinner last night, but it was the second night in a row i cooked dinner. booya! gosh it feels good to get in the kitchen again and just make whatever the heck i want. that is, that we have ingredients for. so remember i've been reading  this book? well it just so happens the author, jenny rosenstrach, puts a nice little list of ingredients in there that she recommends always having on hand for a few simple quick meals. it just so happened that we had some of those ingredients and at around 7 o'clock wednesday night, i decided to whip up one of her delicious sounding recipes. 

brooklyn was content eating her green beans. they're a fave of hers. until we sat down to eat ours and then she was totally smitten with mommy's bowl of dinner.

i got to whipping up this super easy and healthy (might i add) meal. james was totally on board and was super excited to see how it turned out. he even fried the eggs to go on top.

we anxiously sat down when it was all ready, prayed, and dug in. we both agreed it was delish and would have to become a regular in our house. not to mention, again, how simple it was. so easy! i totally recommend it. if you like quinoa, spinach, onions, eggs, soy sauce, and the likes... you'll love this. a totally light meal that was fast and so good. thanks again to my SIL for letting me borrow this book. i need one of my own now. 

then last night, i decided to break out an old favorite. something james and i used to eat sometimes once a week. good old navajo tacos. gosh those things are good. it was good to see them again. james was especially excited. definitely a favorite of his. again, super easy. i just love those easy meals. especially during weeks like these where i haven't felt 100% and really just want to eat something hot and yummy. these two meals definitely hit the spot and will be gracing our dinner tables again very soon.

here's to the weekend and accomplishing much more in our house and getting it more put together. 


h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g 

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