Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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so, another sick day has passed and i am really crossing my fingers for a healthy day any day here now. i have so much i want to get done in my house and it is about killing me to not feel like doing it. brooklyn and i have successfully showered/bathed, brushed our teeth and hair, and gotten dressed every sick day. something about doing all that makes me feel 10 times better.

i did get my brand new sheets washed. can't wait to try those babies out. a sick night is the perfect time right? other than they'll have to be promptly washed again the second i feel better. can't have sick germs floating around while my body is deciding to get better. 

other than that, i basically did no other household chores or anything productive in any way. i laid on the couch, remote in hand, and let brooklyn have reign over the family room. she loved it. james came home early from work to take care of me and to get a few of those things checked off our to do list. what a guy. we ended the night with pizza (because brooklyn said so) and cougar town/once upon a time. we're praying for a normal day around here.

until then. here are a couple (literally) of pics from my cell (or "moe-bile" according to phoebe buffay) phone during another sick day.

(this girl loves cashews. loves.) 

 (a little dose of kardashian.)

(a little snapshot of my kitchen. my favorite room in the house.)
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