Monday, December 10, 2012

snowed in.

our weekend started with some organizing and then some packing...

we headed to coalville for the weekend with blue skies and dropping temps.

brooklyn was excited to play with her aunts and uncles. she was hyped up. hyped up i tell ya.

while they entertained my daughter, i got to enjoy some one on one time with my niece. my sweet little niece. she's already grown and changed so much in her short little time here on Earth. but she's still just so tiny. especially compared to her cousin.

that night (late that night), brought masks for the ladies, and then a little christmas vacation. gosh that movie is good. isn't it?

we woke up to chilly winds and blowing snow. it felt like christmas. really. it did. the snow put us all in the christmas spirit. we enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast of french toast, dutch oven hash browns, cheesy eggs, and all the fixings. the men were all into a movie by then, so did not join us at the table. instead, they ate like heathens in front of the t.v. 

naps were taken in shifts. college football games were watched. and before we knew it, it was dinner time again. chicken noodle soup and blueberry muffins. such a nice meal for such a cold blistery day. so cold and snowy in fact, that we didn't end up traveling home. i found a sub for my primary class, and then we all hunkered down in the comfort and warmth of a nice home and stayed up way too late again. 

because of our unplanned sleepover, we got to attend my cousin's homecoming. for the record, on the drive down, it was nine degrees. only nine. bitter cold. 

we enjoyed a nice lunch after the meeting and enjoyed even more, visiting with loved ones. 

brooklyn loved playing with her cute little cousin addie. she just loves her to pieces. 

the {newly returned missionary} jake and his family. i just love these guys.

i was so busy visiting that deven took it upon himself to put brooklyn down for a nap. he was successful. she even slept all the way back to coalville. a christmas miracle. he just has the right touch i guess.

the rest of our sabbath was laid back and relaxing. 

we watched christmas movies. along with a little of 'the proposal'.

whit did kenzee's hair.

we had pizza and root beer/fresca for dinner.

brooklyn ate almost a whole slice. that girl is learning to like food.

and our sweet little olivia got a bath in the sink by her auntie hay. 

overall, i give this weekend two thumbs up and look forward to more time just like it over the holidays. i feel so lucky to live close to my family. i honestly don't know how others live so far away from their loved ones. they're definitely tougher than i am. gold star to them. i don't know how you do it. thinking about that puts it in perspective for me and really makes me treasure time spent with family. even if it is often. i don't think i could ever get enough.

h a p p y  m o n d a y


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