Tuesday, December 11, 2012

laundry day.

our monday started out how mondays usually do: breakfast, tub, and then laundry. brooklyn's been working on getting a few more teeth in so we've been dealing with a little runny nose and some irritability. not to mention the weaning. so, it was a watch christmas moves while mom does laundry kinda day. she loves rudolph the red nose reindeer and frosty the snowman. i feel guilty having her watch movies, until i remember that she sits for about two minutes, goes and plays, and then watches it here and there for the rest of the time. she always comes back for the songs. they pull her in every time. 

after the laundry was done, we packed up all of our warm gear and went to city creek to meet up with auntie googs and do a little christmas shopping. we planned on freezing, but forgot about the roof that closes and stayed plenty warm. we took brooklyn to meet santa. no pictures, sorry. we weren't going to pay $21 for two little pictures. outrageous! she was mesmerized by the jolly man though. she didn't want him to touch her, but she couldn't stop staring. i loved it. 

downtown SLC is magical this time of year. you know what i'm talking about. all the lights, the temple, the hustle and bustle on the streets. it's something i wish i could bottle up and enjoy all year round. the excitement in the air is electric. if you haven't been to city creek this month, go! even if it's just to get hot chocolate and see the big christmas tree. do it. it's beautiful.

after a couple hours of shopping and browsing, we parted ways and headed back up to DC (davis county). we were ready to just relax. so we got some chinese take out and watched more christmas movies. my kinda night. christmas is getting so close and i can hardly wait! i'm loving that there's a tiny bit of snow on the ground, that there's christmas music playing everywhere we go, and that i have most of my shopping done. i'm really hoping to finish by this weekend. i must. no last minute shopping for this gal. no sir. 


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