Friday, December 21, 2012


this girl...

spent her birthday performing random acts of kindness. what a girl! these acts included taking treats to the fireman, donating blood, paying for people's food behind her at the drive in, and many more. and to top it off, she had a blast doing it. what a great example of christ like love and service she is.

she didn't want presents, but her parents sprang a few on her as she was heading out the door to go to the temple with friends. she was excited. a camera and watch for the mission. 

she headed out the door and we all hunkered down to watch the poinsettia bowl. we ate lots of yummy food and then chelsea, brooklyn, and i snuck off to do a little last minute christmas shopping. we just had to get one more trip in. brooklyn loved running around the stores and we loved shopping. win win. and, not to mention, byu won, so our hubbys (hubbies?) were extremely happy. such a great way to kick off the christmas weekend. 

(more than half the food not pictured here) 

we were like kids going to bed last night...the final countdown is on, and we can't wait for the family christmas party in coalville tonight. traditions. traditions. 

w e  l o v e  c h r i s t m a s  t i m e 

happy birthday to my sister whitney. can't wait to see you and celebrate with you!

i love you tons whitaker.

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