Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 days of christmas.

my MIL has been slaving away sewing these cute bags to use for the 12 days of christmas (as gifts and some for us). very cute. a lot of work. yesterday i offered to put the stamped numbers on all those bad boys. i got it done quickly and i also fell in love with the stamps my MIL had for me to use. they're great. i think i need some of my own. 

i worked everything into an assembly line and like i said, i had those things done in no time. 

brooklyn was such a big helper, holding onto my leg and whining because i wasn't watching every second of rudolph with her. she was ok once she saw treats were involved and decided it was ok for her mommy to keep on doing the task at hand. 

these bags were are filled with all sorts of goodies. such fun goodies. and even though i know what all the 'surprises' in the bags are, i'll be more than excited to open them up for the next twelve days. 

look at this stuff. wouldn't you be?

 (all the goodies minus the candy)

i am so excited to have this 12 days of christmas countdown in my home for years to come. i hope my children fall in love with it like i have. 

a huge thank you to my MIL who always goes to so much work (above and beyond) to make sure we have all sorts of fun things. this countdown is something i will cherish. 

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