Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the best drive.

brooklyn got to visit her grandpa at work yesterday. we pulled into my parents' house and realized no one was home. i called my mom. she promptly came home and took us to my dad's office. brooklyn was  a little shy at first, but then more than happy to perform for everyone. the usual: animal sounds, the few signs she knows, all of her good tricks. 

she thought she owned the place. grandpa gave her a pad and pen (and then later a highlighter) to just go crazy with. and she did. including writing all over her shirt. amazing how that happens. 

we said goodbye and then she was left in the care of her auntie googs. i was off to park city to get my hair done. it was so fun to catch up with one of my best friends and have my hair freshened up all at the same time. two hours was definitely not long enough! we'll hang out longer next time. for reals!

then, after a nap for brooklyn, and some mugging on baby olivia, we were headed back home. brooklyn didn't make a peep. not a peep. it's going down in the record books as her best longest drive home. i did have to listen to 34 tracks of her halloween cd, but hey, i'll take that any day over screaming in the back seat. it really was a glorious drive home. hopefully this streak continues as she will have a couple long drives ahead of her in the next few days. but who cares...because...


and i love thanksgiving.

we will be enjoying our thanksgiving dinner #2 and then #3 on saturday. i can't promise an update after today. not until monday anyway. we'll be eating too much turkey and doing too much idaho shopping. 

i. can't. wait. 

holy moly i can't wait!

can you???!

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