Tuesday, November 20, 2012

on our monday.

monday. our monday brought laundry, putting up a christmas tree, organizing paint in the garage, leftover turkey dinner, raking up and playing in leaves, and teaching brooklyn to stay away from the christmas tree. she is, however, allowed to touch the big snowman and giant santa. they are her best friends right now. she even had to wave to them and give them hugs good night. that girl.

the tree, did not get completely finished darn it. i ran out of juice and chose to fold laundry instead. plus, i think my MIL could do a phenomenal job. much better than me. having the tree all lit up and somewhat decorated gave me such that familiar exciting feeling for christmas. that warm and cozy feeling. oh gosh christmas, i just love ya!

brooklyn loves the leaves. dry or wet. no matter what her mommy says. she's just fine to get dirty. oh well. thank goodness for washing machines. whatever keeps her happy for thirty minutes. am i right?

remember, this tree is not all decked out yet. hopefully in the next couple of days it will be completed. tomorrow probably won't be that day. i'm heading over the mountain to get my hair done tomorrow. brooklyn will be in the care of her auntie googs. and we may or may not spend all day there. so, christmas tree, you're gonna have to wait.

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