Friday, November 16, 2012

clean on.

yesterday was a cleaning day. the kind where you take off your regular clothes, put sweats and a t-shirt on, and really dig in. i actually like these kind of days. i see it as i'm killing two birds with one stone. i'm burning calories and cleaning. i think that's a great combo. sometimes it's not fun to do either, but combined, it's great. 

james got home a little earlier than usual and was able to watch the little one while i got after it. she was content to sit on his lap and watch baby einstein for a little while, but then she wanted to 'help'. oh heavens. she really does think she's bigger than she is and wants to be right in the thick of things doing exactly what i'm doing. it's adorable, but it slows me down. i really do try to cherish those moments. ya know, the ones where she's ready and willing to help. but like i said, i was really getting after it, so i wasn't as patient as i should be. again, thank goodness for her daddy. he was able to entertain her and help me a little bit as well. team work!

my favorite part of the cleaning day was steaming the floors with the shark. how fun are those?! i'd never used one before and i really really enjoyed myself. maybe too much. i want one. i want one real bad. but not as much as i want that item i really want with my christmas/birthday money. remember that? ya me too. {sigh}

so what does one do the day after a cleaning day? lounge around, watch tv, and eat bon bons? nah. i'll be heading to happy valley with my SIL to do a little boutique browsing/christmas shopping that we've made a tradition of. oh and remember my search for boots? hopefully that will be taken care of as well. a good shopping day after a good cleaning day. i'd say that's a good end to a week.

hello friday.

saturday is our first thanksgiving dinner. can't wait for that turkey and cranberry sauce!
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