Tuesday, October 23, 2012

wind and rain.

this was my kind of cozy day. i woke up in my warm bed and could just feel that it was cloudy and gray. i snuggled brooklyn and then put on my moccasins. yum. brooklyn woke up in a mood that matched the day. grumpy. it didn't take her long to get those sleepies out of her eyes and realize it was  a happy kind of gray day. she knows when her mom is in a good mood. 

my MIL and i tackled a few tasks in the kitchen, all the while with the screen door open so we could feel the sweet autumn breeze. brooklyn took a longer nap than usual and i was grateful. it was laundry day and i needed some baby-less time to get going on that. 

the rest of the day was productive and oh so cozy. can i say that enough? cozy. cozy. cozy. james got home just before dark, and just before the rain drops started. he put brooklyn's yellow rain jacket on her and took her outside to feel the rain drops. she came in cold and happy. james came in cold and hungry. he decided he'd take dinner matters into his own hands and do what he does best. crepes. like i've said before, he is the crepe master! 

dinner was delicious. with full tummies and the glow of the fireplace, we all hunkered down to watch a movie. brooklyn wasn't interested and wanted to play. good thing it was a movie i'd seen, although a favorite (runaway bride - james had NEVER seen it!). 

i'm grateful for every part of my day. grateful for things accomplished. grateful for the food i ate. grateful for the weather. grateful for a warm house to enjoy these cold gray days in. grateful for julia roberts movies. no joke. they make my heart happy. 

oh and a random one...

(do you see her poor sad runny nose? darn it.)

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