Friday, October 19, 2012

the outfit.

first item of business, brooklyn went to her first 'friend birthday party' on sunday. she loved sam, his room, his toys, and he was soooo nice to share with her so willingly. he's such a sweet mellow boy. brooklyn take notes!

for a belated fhe, we all went to cutler's in layton to get cookies. not just any cookies. best cookies of my life. if you're in the area, seriously, go check them out. i recommend the chocolate covered peanut butter and the white chocolate. mmm!

 but the item of the uttermost importance, is brooklyn's outfit for the cookie occasion. ok. back up. the outfit started before the cookie occasion and slowly evolved throughout the day to be probably my favorite outfit of the week (wow do i sound prissy or what?).

here, we have the sweater, shirt, and pants -- all so darn cute. the headband and shoes are the parts that did the evolving.

she started with the gray headband and white flower and her black toms.

(singing me a song via her toothbrush) 

for the evening, enter the brown headband with a super cute cream floraly feathery number and her brown boots.

seriously. so dang cute.

have a great weekend, and may it be filled with cookies and floraly feathery numbers!


hopefully mine will include a trip to anthroplogie and the like at city creek.

*notice: brooklyn almost always has something in one of her hands aka the toothbrush and the death grip on the candy corn in the evening pictures. funny girl.

*ALSO notice: in yesterday's post about her riding a pony at gardner village... did you notice she had a kleenex in her hand? she is obsessed. and maybe psychic, she woke up with a cold today. runny nose and all. we've used a lot of kleenexes.

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