Monday, September 24, 2012

the magic of tomato soup.

the day started with geese flying overhead outside my window. brooklyn's favorite. any chance she gets, she watches these geese for as long as she can until they disappear out of view. these ones flew by around seven am, and she was definitely not awake to hear or see them. she's more of a get up at 8:30 or 9 kinda girl. i can't complain. 

the sky was gray all day long. 

clouds covered every ounce of blue. i enjoyed it. i'm ready to say goodbye to the heat and welcome the cool crisp weather with open arms. because, ya know, fall is my favorite. 

the day went on as usual. brooklyn either wanted to be reading books, climbing something, playing the piano, or begging to go outside. she was lucky enough to play with her little buddy shane for a minute. she gave him hugs and pushed him around a lot. boy do i have a lot to teach her about being a good friend. hopefully he'll be patient with her and accept her as she is. please shane. 

i made some homemade tomato soup and grown-up grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. courtesy of those brilliant girls over at our best bites. brooklyn was content with cheerios. doesn't know what she's missin'.

family night was a movie. a feel good movie. i love those. i honestly wish there were more of them out there just like it. we ate shortbread cookies and pumpkin spice hershey's kisses. de-lish. brooklyn was content to play through the entire movie. taking bites of cookie here and there. oh, and climbing on top of the box grandma's sewing machine is in. silly girl. speaking of sewing machine. wait til you see the table cloth my MIL is sewing up for me. i chose the fabric of my dreams (ok that's a little dramatic) and she's sewing up the edges for me so it looks all nice. wait til you see it!

until then, here's a video clip of brooklyn doing what she does best. jabber. 

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