Wednesday, September 26, 2012

fall happened.

lots of fall/autumn things happened today. 

costco is all stocked up on cozy blankets in almost every section of the store. i wanted like five of them. oh, and Christmas stuff is decking the aisles.

they're also stocked up on over sized bears. brooklyn obliged this one to ride in the cart with her. 

flannel sheets were put on the bed. this is honestly one of my favorite parts about fall. who doesn't love some cozy flannel sheets?

since brooklyn wants to play outside the second she wakes up every morning, and it's been freezing lately, i felt that her winter coat was a necessary purchase. she loves it.

it's getting darker so much earlier. 

the leaves are changing color. 

the air is so crisp and i LOVE it.

and last but NOT least...

a happy happy birthday to my hot blue eyed-blonde-curly headed-cute bummed-husband!

can't wait to celebrate with you today!

i love you.

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