Thursday, September 13, 2012

the favorite.

meet willard.

brooklyn's most favorite and prized possession in the world.

willard is a lawn ornament.

but he makes her more happy than anything else.

she loves to take willard wherever she goes.

the tramp.

inside for a snack.

on the couch for story time.


her molars are still making her life miserable though. even willard can't make that all the way better. yesterday she did a lot of cuddling and even more whining. hard to be too mad at her when she just wants to cuddle with her mama. i'll take that any day.

the night ended with a trip to our new library to get library cards. i was feeling naked without one. can't wait to put it to good use. 

then, we stopped by the park for a quick swing. fun swinging. not fun to make this girl leave the park. she obviously had much more playing she wanted to do. it's a rough life. growing molars and leaving parks early and all. 

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