Wednesday, September 12, 2012

autumn or not.

our day started off pouring rain, cloudy, and cozy. my thoughts immediately went to food. if you know me, this isn't a shocker. so i started thinking about food and some possibilities for dinner. my instant thought was to make the week night chili from our best bites. those girls rock don't they?! anyway, i started thinking chili, and then i thought, corn bread. perfect for such a gloomy cozy day. but as the day wore on, the clouds went away, the sun came out in full force, and the cozy feeling was gone.

brooklyn pretended to help my mother in law pull weeds, tried to walk down the sidewalk as far as she could get without me chasing her, and slyly put dried up leaves in her mouth. that girl. it was hot outside. super hot. my mind wasn't changing though. chili and corn bread were destined for the evening's dinner table. it just was. so that's exactly what i served. you guys, that chili is good and so simple. i did, however, for my husband's sake, add corn to the pot. i also sneaked in a little bit of brown sugar. delish. such a nice autumn meal. i'll be making it again when it's actually autumn and a little colder outside. if you came for a visit today, you'd be feeling the autumn spirit, grandma and brooklyn put up some fall decor today. i was giddy with excitement.

the day ended with a surprise ice cream date with my husband. so sweet. even though we were only gone for about a half hour, it was delightful. honestly and truly. we took our time choosing our ice cream/custard/frozen yogurt. and took even more time to choose our toppings. then we sat, talked, and totally enjoyed our dessert masterpieces. we also enjoyed some funny crazy videos courtesy of farr's fresh. 

thanks again hun. let's do it again sometime.

p.s. only  115 days until the season premiere of downton abbey season 3. oh my heck you guys!!!

p.s.s. thanks for coming to visit auntie hay. we loved seeeing you!

p.s.s.s. this video gets me pumped. what a GREAT win. go aggies!

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