Thursday, July 12, 2012

these chapters.

another chapter in our lives is coming to a close. not all the way, but almost. james' last day of work at huntsman was yesterday. he'll be starting a new job in weber county in a couple of weeks. i really can't even believe it. it's all come so fast. i'm not usually good with change, but i think i'm ready for the changes that are ahead for us. at least i hope i am.

i thought a special dinner was in order, it being james' last day at a job he's loved. i wanted him to come home to a happy wife, happy baby, and happy dinner table. yellow, sunflowers, and one of his favorite meals greeted him (and colby, james loves having visitors so that was a plus). cajun chicken pasta was dinner if you're wondering. anyway, he came home in a very jovial mood and i was glad. i think it might have something to do with the fact that he has the next two days off, but i also think he's ready for the change too.

(I can't stop eating these. definitely my snack of choice this summer.) 

i'm so grateful for a husband who works so hard for us and is willing to make changes so that we can be together more often as a family (all of this will make more sense in the next couple of months). i really do love and appreciate him for it. brooklyn just loves him because he's her daddy and because he sings to her while he's changing her diaper.

brooklyn and i went up to huntsman on tuesday to have lunch with him at the pointe one last time. we all shared a georgia peach smoothie and james and i had grilled turkey sandwiches. it was nice. i enjoy being able to eat lunch together as a family as it doesn't happen very often. brooklyn loves being at huntsman because of all the open space she has to run around. i'm glad we had the chance to have a last lunch there. something about lasts are good for me. i need the closure.

(that turkey sandwich right there...amazing) 

so hopefully, i'll have some fun things to write about in the next few days. i really am hoping that we take advantage of having james home for a couple days. in reality, we should be de-junking or organizing or something responsible like that. i'm crossing my fingers for fun. not for work. not for necessity. we need a little week day fun. so here's to fingers crossed and maybe toes too.

(getting shakes with jeremy and chels)

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