Tuesday, July 3, 2012

pen pals.

Meet Samuel. Samuel is my pen pal and friend's sweet little chubby baby. He is six days older than Brooklyn. They both rock the July birthday. I think that makes them kindred spirits. He also rocks some delicious thighs. Oh those thighs.

They enjoyed hanging out together. Even though it mostly consisted of poking each other, taking toys away from each other and being hidden under towels and blankets while their mommies nursed them. I'd say they had a pretty good day. Splashing in the water and spending all day with friends is super fun.

Mindy and I had a great time chatting the day away while we soaked up the sun. She lives in Canada and I was most curious about all things Canada. I really didn't know much about that country besides that it snows a lot. But now I know a few other things. We also discussed mommy-hood. The ups. The downs. Our favorites. Our not so favorites. We both share a passion for nursing our sweet babies, among other things. I felt like I hardly got enough time to chat it up with this friend of mine.

So Mindy, maybe we need to get together one more time before you fly away. Maybe without babes in tow.

thanks for spending the day with us. I hope you're not too sun burned.

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