Thursday, July 26, 2012

one year.

i spent yesterday as kind of an emotional wreck. oh not really. but for about ten minutes i was. i was going through pictures from the hospital of the day brooklyn was born and right in the middle of it she slowly and quietly snuck into my lap. i looked down at her and told her that she was the tiny baby in the pictures. then i started to cry. i cried like a baby. how did this tiny baby on my screen turn into this giant baby in my lap? where did the last year go? oh my heavens. i really can't hardly even take it. so i cried and brooklyn just grinned and pointed at her tiny baby self on the screen.

then i spent a little time getting some things ready for her big day. the day she turns one. one year old. the day she turns into a 'toddler'. the day i become a mother of a one year old. no more 'months old'. she's a year old. aah. i don't think i'll be able to say it out loud for awhile. and if i do, i might lose it.

at the end of the day, she came birthday shopping with james and me. maybe for the only and last time. she saw every last thing she's getting. which is not a lot folks. she doesn't really need anything. seriously. toys are a waste of time for her. plus, that's what her grandparents spoil her with anyway. at the store, however, she did not think so. she wanted everything she could reach on every shelf. she's definitely a regular 'toddler' in that aspect.

so pray for me today. that i can hold it together. and also that if anyone happens to ask how old she is, that i don't turn into a blubbering crazy person. brooklyn doesn't need that on her birthday. that's for sure.

here is my post from a year ago today.

 h a p p y  b i r t h d a y  b r o o k l y n  j a y d e 


you too chels! 

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