Thursday, July 5, 2012

how the 4th went this year.

our 4th of july started out with blueberry waffles topped with raspberry jam and whipped cream... a red, white, and blue breakfast. in order for this breakfast to be possible, i had to get up extra early, get myself ready, and then make it. totally worth it. blueberry waffles should be eaten on every holiday. truly. james and brooklyn were excited to wake up to the delicious aroma these bad boys put off. we didn't have much time to eat them however. we were in a hurry. we had to get to the zoo.

all decked out in patriotic colors. small flag included.

when we arrived at the zoo, my first thought was, this place is packed. maybe this wasn't the best idea. i was wrong. it was so fun. plenty of shade and lots of misters (not the men kind of a mister, the fans with water misting out of them. that kind) along the way. the animals weren't much for showing off because of the heat. but it was ok. brooklyn was more interested in the people, leaves, sticks, fence posts, trees, small birds flying around, than the actual animals. she's easy to please folks. easy to please.

(brookie with aunt tori - checking out the elephants) 

(she loves her grandpa) 

 (with grandma and daddy, oh and the huge elephant)

(ooh that face. both those faces actually. love.) 

(she has a thing for giraffes) 

('thanks for bringing me to the zoo daddy!') 

 (just adding to her giraffe collection. aint no thang. thanks grandma.)

(soul train...ride) 

after a nice day at the zoo, a lunch of yummy chicken salad sandwiches (on croissants - my fave), bottles of water, lots of walking, and even more heat...we retired to our home for a nice big family nap. heaven. james wins the award for shortest nap and i...well, i get the award for longest nap. but i seriously needed it. remember, i got up early to make waffles?

dinner was the limited time only bbq sandwiches at burger king (don't judge). those things are good. seriously. don't hate. i recommend the memphis. try it. you'll thank me later. then it was home to relax some more, mostly just basking in the ac, then a quick costume change (for brooklyn. she had a lot of zoo on her), and we were off to the airport.

welcome home elder holmzz (says his tag. he went to albania).

our patriotic 4th of july ended with shakes and fireworks. just some sparklers and flowers. nothing too crazy. the rest of the neighborhood provided the nice big pretty fireworks. we were content. content to sit back, relax, and just breathe. breathe in that firework smell. mmm.

the 4th was good to us. it was everything i had hoped and more. ya know how you kind of dream or plan how a certain day will go? please tell me do. well i do. and really, this day definitely did not disappoint. i loved the plans we made. the zoo with family. the family nap. the relaxing. the bbq. the airport. the shakes and fireworks. i mean really. i couldn't have asked for anything better. ok, maybe it could have been about ten degrees cooler. but other than that, it was splendid. i would do it over and over again.

but now that it's over, and my holiday can't be ruined by weather, i really really want the rains to come. like hard rain. rain that just dumps out of the sky. this poor utah desert. it's dying for a big drink of water. so come on clouds. i'm ordering 1 trillion route 44's to just pour down on us today. is that possible? 

pretty please with a cherry on top. 

and while you're at it, maybe rain some blueberry waffles too. thanks.

-what was your favorite thing/moment/activity of your 4th? reminisce with me now.


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