Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sometimes. . .

Sometimes I feel so happy that I could just burst right out of my skin. 

Sometimes I feel so sad that I could cry a million tears.

Sometimes I want to host a dinner party and have 500 guests.

Sometimes I want to hide in my house and see no one at all.

Sometimes I want to want to eat vegetables all day.

Sometimes I only want sugar.

Sometimes I order things at restaurants that I really don't want.

Sometimes I carry all my groceries into my house in one trip.

Sometimes I get the urge to clean my whole house top to bottom.

Sometimes I wish there was no such thing as laundry.

Sometimes all I want to wear is skirts and dresses.

Sometimes I want Chinese for breakfast.

Sometimes I get leg aches when I don't drink enough water.

Sometimes I can't believe I'm a mom.

Sometimes I think I'm ready for baby #2.

Sometimes motherhood is hard.

Sometimes I just can't get enough of this sweet baby that is all mine.

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