Friday, June 15, 2012

my pride.

Several years ago, NieNie did a post about things she was proud of. A whole list. She talked about how that kind of pride is ok. I agree. Whole heartedly and completely. I've thought about what would be on my list ever since. I think it's good to take pride in and be proud of things we do and have, as long as it's not bragging or hurting someone's feelings. I feel so blessed every day for the things and people in my life. And I most definitely have things in my life that I am proud of. So, wanna see my list?

I'm proud...

1. to be a Mormon.

2. to be a wife.

3. to be a mother.

4. to be a stay at home mother at that.

5. of my college degree.

6. to be an American.

7. of my ability to multi-task.

8. of my self control.

9. of my home.

10. of my clean car.

11. of my ability to create a healthy meal for my family.

12. that I love to read. and read. and read.

13. that I breast feed.

14. to be born and raised in Utah, and that I want to live here forever.

15. to be 26.

16. of my C-section scar.

17. to be called the Bossy One in my family.

18. of the dinners I can whip up in less than 30 minutes for my family.

19. to say that I don't watch R rated movies.

20. that I love oldies music and movies.

I really do have so darn much to be grateful for and you could definitely substitute the word PROUD for GRATEFUL in everything in that list. I am grateful for all twenty of those things. Oh so grateful. There are a hundred more things I could add but I think twenty is a good number. Dontcha think?

So, what are you proud of? 

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n

we'll be spending it camping.

p.s. 21. I'm proud of my packing skills. Even though it takes a list for me to follow to remember everything.

(the car is parked and we are in a parking lot. car is not even on)

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