Friday, June 22, 2012

11 months

Brooklyn will be 11 months old (say what?) in 4 days. My goodness. So I thought I would put together  a little list of 11 things I love/cherish about this sweet little baby that is mine.
1. Her quick grin. And maybe this is only reserved for her mama, but she will flash that smile at me so fast, I never have a chance to be too upset with her.

2. Her constant curiosity. Oh my heavens this girl is curious. She loves to open lids and peer inside, hoping to find treasures.

3. Her thighs. These are about the only part on her body that have had any serious chub. I munch on them day and night. I can't get enough.

4. Her determination. Sometimes this wonderful attribute causes me grief, but I love this about her. She knows what she wants and she's determined to get it.

5. The way she sways her body back forth. This is kind of a version of peek-a-boo for her. Cracks me up every time.

6. When she waves bye bye. Those tiny little hands. It melts my heart. She loves to wave to anyone. Especially strangers in line behind us at the grocery store.

7. Her jabber. James and I are constantly just giggling and melting over this. She has all sorts of sounds and noises she mixes all together and will just go off on a five minute tangent. Cutest. Ever.

8. Her obsession with water. If she hears it or sees it, she wants in. I'm not kidding. She can hear water from a mile away. She's also very brave in the water which makes me a tad nervous. I'm grateful that she's not afraid of it though. I'll just have to be very very careful.

9. Her back hugs. If I'm sitting on the floor and my back is exposed, she loves to come up behind me and put her head against my back, stay there for about two seconds, and then peer around to see my face to make sure I enjoyed it. Boy do I. It might be my favorite thing she does.

10. Walking. Being an early walker has made her super independent. Definitely bitter-sweet. I love watching her walk around though. Little boss.

11. Her laugh. If I'm ever upset/sad/down/bored this smile can change that in an instant. It's high pitched or it's a deep belly laugh. I'll take either. Any minute or hour of the day. This sound is seriously what heaven is made of. I honestly can't think of anything sweeter. 

Ok. I HAVE to add one more. 

12. Her 'where'd it go' hand. This is usually best brought on when you ask her, "where'd the puppies go?". She holds out her hand palm up. We ask her this about 30 times a day. 

(pool time w/kids - she loves kids)

(oreo remnants around her mouth = good day)

Our weekend plans include but are not limited to:

+ date night w/Jeremy & Chels
+ farmer's market
+ 7 Peaks
+ a homecoming
+ family get togetherness

...and maybe some retail therapy...

I've been dying over this...

and this and this and this

h a p p y  w e e k e n d i n g !

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