Thursday, May 17, 2012

Large Diet Coke please . . .

Tuesday was this kind of a day:

Ya, that kind. The kind where everything seems undone and everything that tries to get done, becomes undone. I would fold a batch of laundry and Brooklyn somehow, miraculously I tell ya, would unfold it all. As you can see in the picture above, she also got into the trash can. Now luckily there wasn't anything too disgusting or slimy that she could reach. Just an empty milk carton and empty cardboard holders for her baby food. So since it wasn't anything that could give her a disease or major germs, I just let her go at it. She was content to do this for a good half hour.

I, on the other hand, was not content. I felt like I couldn't breathe and almost like I was out of control. Like I was having an out of body experience. I had to go outside and breathe in some fresh summer air or I would have died. Not kidding. I also seriously had to go get one of these. Guilty.

(a large diet coke, at your service!)

Sometimes, I just have to re evaluate. I wake up a lot of mornings and expect to get too much done. It turns me into a crazy person. At the end of the day if I haven't accomplished all I set out to, I feel like a total failure and that I wasn't productive enough during that day. Ugh. It's a terrible thing. I don't do this to myself every day, no no. Some days I let myself start out thinking that it's going to be more of a relaxed day. That I only need to get done what HAS to get done. Those are good days. Happy days. Days that I know Brooklyn is happier because I am in a much better, more relaxed, mood. 

So, today is going to be one of those days. My Wednesday was also crazy. My fellow YW's presidency and I planned an activity that took more time and effort than we originally thought. Wednesday was stressful. Our activity went well, and it definitely felt good to have over with. But it definitely caused some stress. With the rest of a no-stress, no-brainer week ahead of me, I'm ready for a day to just relax and only do the things that are completely necessary. It WILL be a good day. I WILL be a happy woman. My house WILL be fine if all the cleaning doesn't get done. And my husband WILL have a happy wife to greet him at the door with a kiss when he gets home. 


Yesterday I posted a picture of my summer bucket list that my sister designed for me:

Some of you asked, "how do I get one?"

Here's how: email your bucket list to Kayla @
and she'll make you a cute little bucket list. She'll email you back with what she's come up with and then you can print it or she can do that for you. Because she spends a lot of time to make it just how you want it, there will be charge of $3. AND, if you want it printed and delivered to your house (Coalville area - SLC area) you can pay $5.

And maybe you don't need a bucket list but you want a fun summer chore chart for your children:

She can do that too! (same prices apply)

And honestly, if you have another creative idea that you want done, let her know. She can do it. And she does a great job. She would love to hear from you!

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y !

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