Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We went for a visit...

to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Petersen and Uncle Tom and Aunt Barbara (Elder Perry and Sister Perry). We sure do love when they come to town. I don't get to see any of my grandparents often enough. Such special people to me. Brooklyn had a hay day with all the space in the world to crawl around, the mounds of attention, and also, Aunt Barb's measuring spoons.

When she got tired of that, Grandma and Aunt Barb let her play in the sink. Any chance she gets at running water is like going to Disneyland. She would do that all day if I'd let her. So she did that for awhile and then Grandma gave her an orange to suck on. Heaven twice!

We had a lovely dinner. My favorite part, the Canadian honey and bread. I had two pieces, and I'm pretty sure I was the only one who had two pieces of bread at dinner. To compensate I ate a couple orange and apple slices, which something I am not known to do.

 (I love Uncle Tom and Aunt Barb's painting collection in their home)

Dessert was pistachio almond ice cream with shortbread cookies. Doesn't that just sound fancy? It tasted delicious and I could have eaten a lot more, but 1. I shouldn't and 2. how un-lady like!

 (close up - I love her face. Cheesin' it for Grandma.)

Aunt Barb is a wonderful hostess. I try to take notes every time we eat over there. Tonight we talked cookbooks. We share that. Our love for cookbooks. She has an amazing collection. Someday I'd love to just sit in her living room, eat Canadian honey on her homemade bread, and read through all of her cookbooks. Someday. 

We ended the evening with a nice visit about all of our summer plans. My heart ached a little. Summer still feels so far away. It really isn't. Oh Summer. We're going to have so many wonderful meals, parties, lazy days, and snow cones. You'll love it.

(on the balcony taking in the view with Great Grandma Petersen)


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