Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekending Rocks

Gosh our house was happy on Friday morning. The weekend brings that happiness I think. And somehow, Brooklyn gets weekends. She's excited about it just like her mommy and daddy. She was in such a good mood, she let me get some stuff done. 

She just played with her books.

And I menu planned (3 days behind. I usually plan on Tuesday).

Then we took a break from those stories and that menu planning and went outside to enjoy some sunshine. It was SO warm. 

And before we knew it, James was home and we were off to Coalville. All the aunties (and uncles) would be home and that meant lots of attention for Brooklyn. 

She got to spend lots of one on one quality time with each member of the family, but I only got pictures with one. Next time guys. I'll be better with my camera.

Here she is enjoying her time with Auntie Googs. Pinterest is a mutual love I guess.

No one can get Brooklyn more hyper than Kayla. Wow.

There was, of course, lots of chatting, multiple batches of chocolate chip cookies, sourdough pancakes, and a new parking layout for my parents' crazy driveway. You're nodding your head yes if you've parked there. Crazy.

So here's the new layout, as per my dad playing valet early Sunday morning.

(all it needs is yellow lines)

When I went out to document the parking lot, I came upon the cutest most precious tracks in the snow.

Little bird tracks.

(like right out of a Disney movie right?)

Sunday brought church and another try at the mother's lounge. This time was successful. Brooklyn nursed and then was out for a good 40 minute nap. Please pray that it will be a new Sunday ritual. She spent the third hour with her daddy. Brooklyn got a little fussy so she and her daddy snuck out and went across the road to see the ducks. She was in heaven, James told me. She loved watching them and wanted to spend the rest of church time down there. Luckily, her daddy didn't give in and they got back in time to hear the end of the lesson. I'll have to keep my eye on those two. He's already the more fun (rebellious) parent. It's gonna take a lot to beat ducks during church. But I'll do it. 

Right after church we headed to Kaysville to have dinner at Jeremy and Chelsea's. They treated us to a dinner that made my heart yearn for summer: burgers on the grill. Burgers with pineapple and bacon might I add. Oh my gosh, and with the sun out, I could have sworn it was a summer evening. Summer come now! Thanks you two for a delicious dinner and great company. We also got to visit with my in laws. There was exciting talk about their 'possible' new assignment. I don't even dare say it (type it) for fear that it will jinx them. So I won't make an official announcement...just that's it's somewhere warm and beautiful!

The weekend was good to us yet again. We are so blessed and can't imagine a better life right now. Of course, we have big dreams for our future, but we're happy with how it's going now. We have great families and lots of time to spend with them. 

Brooklyn loved all the attention she got and was completely worn out upon our returning home.

Cute little tights-covered feet.

h a p p y  m o n d a y  t o  a l l !

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